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Make-up & me

My morning beauty routine has changed so much over the years. From white eyeliner and blue eye-shadow, remember those days? Eek to (hopefully) a more sophisticated look now.

I spent my entire late teens with extremely thin eyebrows. It was cool back then to pluck them to within an inch of their lives. I look back at photos of me with my paper thin eyebrows, Adidas poppers and Kappa t-shirt and totally cringe. But hey, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one right?

Always using a variety of different make-up brands, I knew what make-up suited my style but I was not bothered by different looks and was very safe with my brand choices. I have very small eyes so for me, key products have always been eyelash curlers and mascara.

Wedding make-up

The real game-changer was when I decided to do my own make-up for my wedding day. I knew I’d need some help and tutorials to achieve a good look that would last all day.

My friend recommended going to see a make-up artist at Charlotte Tilbury. She knew the brand well and said it was good quality make-up that would last for my big day. Having never used any of their products before I went in there with a totally open mind and had a great tutorial. I purchased lots of key products and continued to practice at home.

Just before the wedding I decided to get some volume lashes. I was so excited as I had never had volume lashes before, they looked incredible! The big day came around quick enough and I did my own make-up. I was so happy with the result and it stayed on all day.

Make-up tutorials

The tutorials helped me so much. I used to just slap make-up on without a thought. Now I finally know how to apply make-up correctly and it’s given me so much more confidence. Watching more and more of Lauren from Hunters & Heels has helped me even more.

I have fallen totally in love with Bobbi Brown products. First, I bought the Skin Long-wear foundation and I’ve not looked back since. I now have lots of Bobbi Brown products, I just adore them all. The branding, quality and price for me are all just perfect. Once my final Charlotte Tilbury products run out I will buy the Bobbi Brown equivalent.

‘Be your own kind of beauty’

How does make-up make you feel? My grandmother Edith is turning 90 this year, she can count on one hand how many times she’s left the house without make-up. She just adores it, she doesn’t feel like herself unless she ‘has her face on’. I love her for it, she still dyes her hair and looks incredible. She’s a total inspiration.

Make-up for me is enjoyable, a joy to apply and the best bit … it makes me feel good. How does make-up make you feel?

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  1. Katie
    15 May 2020 / 11:59 am

    Oh my goodness I was the same Adidas poppers and still paying the price for the eyebrow plucking of the 90’s 😂. Congratulations on this, it looks amazing xx

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