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It’s in the bag

I’m not sure how long I’ve been in love with straw bags for. I think it’s been a while, I mean what’s not to love. From larger styles to clutches, the rattan and straw style bags take over each and every summer season.

So what’s your all time favourite style? Mine has to be the circular cross body bag, it’s so versatile and goes with every summer outfit. From midi dresses to jeans and blouses I just love it! I instantly feel like summer has arrived when these come out of the storage boxes.

I couldn’t resist getting a special rattan hook to hang them on. Now I can lie in bed and admire them all! How many straw bags are too many? Asking for a friend …

My top picks

So fancy taking a peek at my straw bag hot list? I’ve popped together a super dreamy collection below, I hope I haven’t temped you too much!

Tell me which is your favourite straw bag style and why?



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