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Sun, sand, sea & me

Well the Summer holidays this year didn’t quite go to plan but we still managed to get away and escape to the coast. We’re so lucky to have a family holiday home in Bournemouth that we visit throughout the year.

We usually plan our holiday and create a full itinerary with each day mapped out. Anyone that knows my husband, will understand he takes the word organised to another level!

This year we mixed up beach days with a little adventure day out to Legoland and several country parks.

Vitamin Sea

Having visited Bournemouth for several years, we adore Mudeford Spit beach. Jumping on the ferry from Mudeford Quay is so much fun and the children adore the journey too. Not sure what it is about Mudeford, but Edie or Archie always end up making a friend there too!

Sandbanks beach has to be another firm favourite of ours. Dan loved the fact we saw Harry Redknap there once and we know which house he lives in (he’s totally football obsessed). Sandbanks feels such a safe beach and the sand really is so soft and it’s really well kept.

Park life

To break up parts of the the holiday we decided to visit a few local country parks. Dan had researched Moors Valley Country Park and had read some great reviews. We arrived at 9.30am which was a great idea as it got so busy later on in the day in the car park. It’s free admission, you just need to pay for parking.

There are some really large playground areas for different age groups and the most special steam train ride you can take as a family (this is at an additional cost). We loved the play trail which was just past Go Ape. Edie spent most of her time watching people zip wire!

The play trail was really lovely however over 50% was closed off (due to current circumstances). The kids adored this day and we can’t wait to go back soon, we all loved it!

The other park we visited was Upton Country Park in Poole. We had visited this one a few years back. However, Archie had only just started to walk so we didn’t manage to do all of the walks.

They have recently created a new playground area for different ages, alongside the splash pad but sadly it was out of order due to COVID. Again there is no entry fee, you just have to pay for the car park. We had such a lovely morning there but we would choose Moors Valley if we had the choice.

Under the sea

Both Edie and Archie were desperate to go rock pooling. After some research, we discovered Kimmeridge Bay near Swanage. It wasn’t too pricey to park for the day and there were facilities available. Be warned though, there are lots of lanes to drive down to get there!

To go rock pooling you will need to go at low tide, so its best to research these in advance. After a couple of hours and a few shrimps and baby crabs later, it wasn’t quite as exciting as we’d hoped for but it was lovely to see more of what Bournemouth had to offer.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little holiday diaries. I was inundated with questions about our various trips, so I thought this might be useful.

Right I’m off to catch up on the mountain of washing!



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